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Datasheet Reference Rank Check Day 92 November 13, 2009

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We revisited all the SEO keywords running in Datasheet Reference based on rank and traffic performance.   We reanalyzed traffic for high ranking but low-delivering keywords.   Now tracking 100 keyword phrases.   All analytics and tracking system have been updated for the revised list.  You can see the hop up in ‘unranked’ phrases as we turned on many new keywords and incorporated them into the site design.

SEO Experiment Day 92

Blue bars show re-do on keywords in site.   Red bar indicates cutover from HTML site to Joomla site.



When to Re-evaluate and Revise Keywords November 10, 2009

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Nearing day 90, it’s time to look at the traffic that a site has been able to garner from the keywords incorporated into the SEO design.   At Datasheet Reference, we’ve been able to gain top position very quickly as documented in other posts of this blog.

Today we looked at the keywords that were driving traffic and the rank of the keywords.   Specifically what we looked at were the top target keyword, in our case part number with a correlative term ‘datasheet,  for example, lm317 datasheet.  This particular keyword phrase is listed well on page 2 of google.  It’s generating some significant traffic and so we are leaving it alone.   Of course, we want page 1 but in this case it will take a bit.  This is a very competitive phrase.

However, looking at ATmega128 datasheet, we see excellent page 1 rank but not a lot of traffic (using Google Analytics).   This means one of two things.  Either our metadata that gets included in Google organic listings in not click-worthy or the keyword just doesnt have that much traffic.   All our meta-data is the same format so we are deducing that the keyword just isn’t that valuable.   Time to dig a little.

Using Google Insight for Keywords, we are tested about a dozen correlative terms and recalculated where the traffic is more likely to be.  In this case we found the correlator ‘AVR’ to appear very powerful.   Now, for example, the ‘AVR Atmega128‘ is our top target.  We’ve reincorporated our findings back into the site.

About 50% of our keywords were well ranked but under-delivering traffic.   We revised each of them with new correlative terms and resubmitted the SEO Experiment site to Google.    We also updated the keywords we are tracking and reporting.   One thing we did which you should probably not do – we changed several URLs in the site to include new keywords.   This can cause google to loose the link connection and take users to a 404 error.   You should always use a 301 redirect when you do this.  We have not incorporated the 301 (because we are lazy) and we will probably take a hit on a few keywords that were doing ok but got moved.  We’ll see.


Joomla SEO Experiment Results Day 84 November 6, 2009

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Datasheet Reference, the all datasheet catalog, is now 84 days young.   It was rebuilt in Joomla from custom-css 29 days ago.  Here is the ‘stable’ view of its SEO performance.   I’m reporting this now because it’s time to try some new experiments with the site.

This snapshot shows no effect from removing two covered parts and replacing them.  Since each keyword is tracked as part of a several keyword phrases, this will shortly have an impact and the old pages are discontinued in Google.   About 10 keyword phrases will go to Google-hell.   Traffic-wise, these keywords were generating nothing so don’t dispair.

Here is the stable view of the keyword phrases in rank position:

Day84 Joomla SEO Experiment

Day84 Joomla SEO Experiment

Zooming into the page 1 performers shows some more detail.

Day84 SEO Experiment Details

Day84 SEO Experiment Details

Here are the other salient details:

The site now achieves:

  • 3,100 visits per month/ 2,800 uniques
  • 5,400 page views per month
  • It covers 14 electronic components.
  • 8 of the top 10 keywords are different components with fairly even traffic distribution
  • The most popular page is the LM317 Datasheet, Circuit Schematic, Pinouts and Sources

Joomla SEO: Day 15 Results in Google October 23, 2009

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DatasheetReference.com was rebuilt and published in Joomla 15 days ago.   Since then the site has been stable in the eyes of the GoogleBot.

I added a red line showing when the site launched in Joomla.   You can see how it has tracked on Google Page 1 since.

Overall, I think this is great news.   I was worried Joomla would damage the ranking but so far this doesn’t appear to be the case.   The advantage of Joomla is that now I can add new content to the site in minutes – and content is king.

Joomla SEO Experiment: Day 15

Joomla SEO Experiment Results October 19, 2009

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Let’s recap.  We hand-built DatasheetReference.com using a variety of SEO techniques.  It scored well and quickly.  We were particularly interested in the page on the LM317 Datasheet.   Read the earlier blog posts for what we did.   Next we rebuilt the site using Joomla.  Can a Joomla built site rank as well in Google organics as a hand built site?   Joomla is a powerful tool and not too difficult to set up but it also limits your control over details in the site that are the bread and butter of SEO.

We are now 12 days live with the Joomla based site.  Google has crawled it and it has settled.  After bouncing around for a little bit the site now is ranking in virtually the same place as the original.   There are a few very high competition keywords that slipped but these were not scoring page 1 or 2 in either version.

The charts below summarize the effect of the change for Joomla SEO.  Days named ‘Jday’ denote the Joomla site was live.

Joomla SEO Experiment Results (Google Page 1 Details)

Joomla SEO Experiment Results (Google Page 1 Details)

Big Change. Joomla SEO now part of experiment. October 6, 2009

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It’s day 55 and DatasheetReference has steadily grown.   The keywords have climbed reliably in the ranks and held steady.   The pinging I’m doing to Google Webmaster for new sitemap submissions has not caused any reduced ranks, contrarily it appears to be helping get more pages re-evaluated as I make changes.

Why Joomla?  DatasheetReference.com had one big drawback.  It was hand coded in HTML and CSS.  Gave me lots of flexibility for SEO experiments but also made it time consuming to update.   So I recreated the entire site in Joomla!

There is a bit of learning curve to Joomla.  I created 3 proto sites with Joomla to get the feel of it and figure out which plug-ins I wanted to use.  One tricky bit was figuring out how to control URLs and Metadata.  Getting sitemaps built and all is another world altogether.  But I did it.  Time invested from first visiting joomla.org – about 25 hours.

The net is I can now update the site in less than 5 minutes!  So can you, I created a page submission tool so anyone can contribute content.   I still need to verify they fit into the SEO techniques I’m applying before they post but join in!

I have also created a lite set of documentation of the Joomla specific SEO techniques I’ve applied on the site itself (see the footer).

Now, I’ve been enjoying the steady growth of DatasheetReference organic traffic so this full renovation is causing me some great consternation.  I fully expect Google to flip out and go whacky on me in page rank.   I have no idea how it deals with Joomla but that is the purpose of an experiment.

Boldly into the unknown we go!

Sitemap Updating Frequency September 30, 2009

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I’ve been looking into the potential of recreating datasheetreference.com on either Joomla or WordPress.   I’ve installed both now.   I like Joomla, it’s got quite a learning curve but looks powerful and flexible.   WordPress is not so powerful but easy.  But here is what I want to talk about today.

WordPress updates can be reflected in Google in less than 1 minute!   I’ve experienced this and that’s why I use this blog to promote pages in Google.   In WordPress there is a nice little plug-in called the Google XML Sitemap Generator.   This little bit of PHP code automatically updates your XML sitemap whenever you make a change, then it reaches out to Google and tells it the sitemap was updated.  I’ve been working under the assumption that poking Google with sitemap resubmits is a bad thing.   Maybe the reverse is true.

This makes a lot of sense.  Google is looking for lively sites.  Not with little changes but with new content additions (like blogs).   With this in mind, I’m making content additions into pages of DatasheetReference.com that I want to promote the most (based on analytic of keyword activity) and updating my ‘last changed’ data in the sitemap.  Then I resubmit into Google (if you haven’t done this, it’s literally just a button you press on Google Webmaster)

Let’s see what happens.

Google and Bing Both Like Me (Today) September 11, 2009

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What a difference a day makes.   Rankings blew through the roof on both search engines today.

On Bing, 21 of 79 keyword phrases are in Top10 slots.

In Google – up and to the right!

Google page rank on Day 32

Yahoo is still sleepy.

Got Banged by Bing! September 11, 2009

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Geez finally.   I revisited Bing Webmaster 4 days ago and saw that I still hadn’t been indexed.  Frustrating.  I’m not alone, many are moaning about it.  I told Bing about the sitemap one more time.

This morning I check the Bing Webmaster again and have 1 page indexed.  Whoopie!  Well, lame as that is that one page is enough to get higher than rank 20 position on 27 keyword phrases.     16 are in the top 10.   Good start but I’m not holding my breath.

I resubmitted the sitemap to Bing today.  We’ll see.

Yahoo! on the other hand is like moving concrete.   1 page indexed.  I resubmitted that one too.

Ebb and Flow of Page Rank – Day 31 September 10, 2009

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As you may recall on Day 18 I stopped making any changes to the site.   For several days the page rank grew then stabilized.   Then after 7 days it began to slide.  After 8 days it slid pretty far.

5 Days ago I made changes all over the site, including adding several new pages and updating the site map.

Bang, most positions that slid popped right back.   I also started tracking new keywords for the new pages.   Almost immediately most of them ranked – though just for the home page.   Back to seeding these pages by hand to ‘teach’ G-bots where to best pages are located.

Here is a chart of the whole shebang.   You can see all the page changes at Datasheet Reference.com.