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ATmega16 Datasheet, Circuit Schematic and 301 Redirects November 19, 2009

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The AVR ATmega16 datasheet is quite popular.  Additionally the Atmega16 circuit schematic are examined quite a bit.

SEO’s, If you wondering why I’m bringing this up, its for a simple reason.  This is one of the parts that I changed the URL and did not 301 re-direct.   In a long tail keyword analysis, it showed clearly that traffic around this part collapsed over the last few days.   Since the content did not change, you can bet this was due to the URL change.

Like I said.  Don’t change page URLs without doing a 301 re-direct.  Here is the evidence you need.   The listing for ATmega16 datasheet fell from position 11 to not-listed.

If I was doing this for money, I should be flogged.  But in this case, it exemplifies part of the experiment.

So, why this post?   Shouldn’t it have been about the importance of using 301 redirects?   Well, yes, but you see I need to plug the part in the blog to get Google to re-acquire the listing.  I’ll keep you posted on how long it takes for Google to do this.



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