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When to Re-evaluate and Revise Keywords November 10, 2009

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Nearing day 90, it’s time to look at the traffic that a site has been able to garner from the keywords incorporated into the SEO design.   At Datasheet Reference, we’ve been able to gain top position very quickly as documented in other posts of this blog.

Today we looked at the keywords that were driving traffic and the rank of the keywords.   Specifically what we looked at were the top target keyword, in our case part number with a correlative term ‘datasheet,  for example, lm317 datasheet.  This particular keyword phrase is listed well on page 2 of google.  It’s generating some significant traffic and so we are leaving it alone.   Of course, we want page 1 but in this case it will take a bit.  This is a very competitive phrase.

However, looking at ATmega128 datasheet, we see excellent page 1 rank but not a lot of traffic (using Google Analytics).   This means one of two things.  Either our metadata that gets included in Google organic listings in not click-worthy or the keyword just doesnt have that much traffic.   All our meta-data is the same format so we are deducing that the keyword just isn’t that valuable.   Time to dig a little.

Using Google Insight for Keywords, we are tested about a dozen correlative terms and recalculated where the traffic is more likely to be.  In this case we found the correlator ‘AVR’ to appear very powerful.   Now, for example, the ‘AVR Atmega128‘ is our top target.  We’ve reincorporated our findings back into the site.

About 50% of our keywords were well ranked but under-delivering traffic.   We revised each of them with new correlative terms and resubmitted the SEO Experiment site to Google.    We also updated the keywords we are tracking and reporting.   One thing we did which you should probably not do – we changed several URLs in the site to include new keywords.   This can cause google to loose the link connection and take users to a 404 error.   You should always use a 301 redirect when you do this.  We have not incorporated the 301 (because we are lazy) and we will probably take a hit on a few keywords that were doing ok but got moved.  We’ll see.



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