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Joomla SEO Experiment Results Day 84 November 6, 2009

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Datasheet Reference, the all datasheet catalog, is now 84 days young.   It was rebuilt in Joomla from custom-css 29 days ago.  Here is the ‘stable’ view of its SEO performance.   I’m reporting this now because it’s time to try some new experiments with the site.

This snapshot shows no effect from removing two covered parts and replacing them.  Since each keyword is tracked as part of a several keyword phrases, this will shortly have an impact and the old pages are discontinued in Google.   About 10 keyword phrases will go to Google-hell.   Traffic-wise, these keywords were generating nothing so don’t dispair.

Here is the stable view of the keyword phrases in rank position:

Day84 Joomla SEO Experiment

Day84 Joomla SEO Experiment

Zooming into the page 1 performers shows some more detail.

Day84 SEO Experiment Details

Day84 SEO Experiment Details

Here are the other salient details:

The site now achieves:

  • 3,100 visits per month/ 2,800 uniques
  • 5,400 page views per month
  • It covers 14 electronic components.
  • 8 of the top 10 keywords are different components with fairly even traffic distribution
  • The most popular page is the LM317 Datasheet, Circuit Schematic, Pinouts and Sources


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