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Joomla SEO Experiment Results October 19, 2009

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Let’s recap.  We hand-built DatasheetReference.com using a variety of SEO techniques.  It scored well and quickly.  We were particularly interested in the page on the LM317 Datasheet.   Read the earlier blog posts for what we did.   Next we rebuilt the site using Joomla.  Can a Joomla built site rank as well in Google organics as a hand built site?   Joomla is a powerful tool and not too difficult to set up but it also limits your control over details in the site that are the bread and butter of SEO.

We are now 12 days live with the Joomla based site.  Google has crawled it and it has settled.  After bouncing around for a little bit the site now is ranking in virtually the same place as the original.   There are a few very high competition keywords that slipped but these were not scoring page 1 or 2 in either version.

The charts below summarize the effect of the change for Joomla SEO.  Days named ‘Jday’ denote the Joomla site was live.

Joomla SEO Experiment Results (Google Page 1 Details)

Joomla SEO Experiment Results (Google Page 1 Details)



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