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Big Change. Joomla SEO now part of experiment. October 6, 2009

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It’s day 55 and DatasheetReference has steadily grown.   The keywords have climbed reliably in the ranks and held steady.   The pinging I’m doing to Google Webmaster for new sitemap submissions has not caused any reduced ranks, contrarily it appears to be helping get more pages re-evaluated as I make changes.

Why Joomla?  DatasheetReference.com had one big drawback.  It was hand coded in HTML and CSS.  Gave me lots of flexibility for SEO experiments but also made it time consuming to update.   So I recreated the entire site in Joomla!

There is a bit of learning curve to Joomla.  I created 3 proto sites with Joomla to get the feel of it and figure out which plug-ins I wanted to use.  One tricky bit was figuring out how to control URLs and Metadata.  Getting sitemaps built and all is another world altogether.  But I did it.  Time invested from first visiting joomla.org – about 25 hours.

The net is I can now update the site in less than 5 minutes!  So can you, I created a page submission tool so anyone can contribute content.   I still need to verify they fit into the SEO techniques I’m applying before they post but join in!

I have also created a lite set of documentation of the Joomla specific SEO techniques I’ve applied on the site itself (see the footer).

Now, I’ve been enjoying the steady growth of DatasheetReference organic traffic so this full renovation is causing me some great consternation.  I fully expect Google to flip out and go whacky on me in page rank.   I have no idea how it deals with Joomla but that is the purpose of an experiment.

Boldly into the unknown we go!



1. ako - October 12, 2009

thanks for this article.

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