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Solar Battery Charger Using the LM317 October 1, 2009

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I bet you’ve been wondering how to build one of these!  Well, now you can learn how on the LM317 Datasheet section of DatasheetReference.com.

I hate to give it away in this blog but here is a snippit.

In this example we will make a solar charger using a 6 Volt 250ma Solar Panel to charge four 800mah AAA batteries. The batteries can be put into a couple of 2 x AAA battery holders and wired in series (link the positive output from one battery holder to the negative of the other).

This gives us 4 x 1.2 = 4.8 Volts with a capacity of 800mah – therefore we want a charging current of around 80ma. According to the table above, a 15 Ohm resistor gives a fixed current of 83.3 milliamps which will be perfect.



1. eak - October 6, 2009

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2. shawell - December 21, 2010

i just want to know complit explanation on 17 v solar battery charger then use this out put to give light to leds.

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