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New Datasheet Content Added September 5, 2009

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In addition to the popular LM317 datasheet page, several new pages were added to the site to increase the content weight of the entire site and expand the number of keywords.

The content added includes the 2nd most popular set of keyword phrases from the original keyword research.   The information about each subject is similar and simply based on what information I can pull together from public sources.

First up is the 7101 datasheet and circuits page.   I’ve also added the venerable 2n3055 datasheet.   The 7101 is falls into the ‘4 numbers’ set of popular phrases.   Though I will probably rank pretty high on this, the traffic quality will be light or poor because the term is so generic.   We’ll see.   The 7101 is more relevant to the industry that the 3075 created earlier.

Day 24 Keyword Position Progress Graph September 2, 2009

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I haven’t touched the site for 6 days now.  I want to see what happens when no mods are made.  I did juice the ATmega16 datasheet a few days ago.  Still no effect.

As you can see there was a slight settling, then stability.  A couple of terms scoring in the 50 or less position are on the bubble and drifting back.  The sub20’s seem stable so far.   2/3 of the Keyword phrases are sub20 with 13 of 30 in the Top 10. Only 2 of 30 phrases are not ranking at all.

ATmega16 datasheet still a challenge

ATmega16 datasheet still a challenge

Also, Yahoo is only picking up the home page and Bing has nothing.  I guess that’s why they are way back in #2 and #3 places in the search world.

Traffic is rising on the site.