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2n3055 datasheet gets juiced! September 10, 2009

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That’s right, it’s time for 2n3055 datasheet page to get merchandized to the bots controlling our SEO future.

This is one of the new pages and targets several key phrases about the 2n3055.  Primarily the 2n3055 datasheet, 2n3055 data sheet, 2n3055 pinouts and 2n3055 circuit schematic.   Enough said about the games we are playing here.

Now you may actually care about the 2n3055.   And you should, it’s a very common power transistor, dating back to the ’60’s, that has found a home in most audio products.   Rip you ipod apart and see!  Just kidding.  Your clock radio would be a better bet.  Here is the description:

The 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. It was introduced in the early 1960’s by RCA using their “hometaxial” power transistor process. It was one of the first silicon power transistors, offered unrivalled second breakdown immunity and found many applications particularly in audio power amplifiers and linear power supplies.



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