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555 Timer History Now Included September 30, 2009

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You can now learn the history of the 555 Timer IC in an interview with Han Camenzind, the inventor of the 555 Timer.   This may be the most popular chip ever invented.  Worth a read.


Hans, let’s start the Oral History with your recollections of the initial success of the 555 integrated circuit.

That 555 family was a total surprise.  I wanted to make it flexible, that was the whole purpose, but I didn’t realize it was so flexible.  There are applications now that still sound crazy to me.  And the quantity!  In the second year it moved to the largest quantity sold of any IC and it has stayed that way for 30 years.  The original application was as a timer and oscillator, but it has moved well beyond that.

According to the IEEE Spectrum article you wrote on the 555, there was reluctance at Signetics to invest in this product.  Is that right?

The engineering department at Signetics  – yes, they were a bit stodgy for a semiconductor company.  They were at the forefront.  They had tried everything.  It was a surprising reaction, and it was simply a reflection of the turf.  You know, they were designing and making operational amplifiers.
Was that their primary business?

Yes, the primary linear business, although I think the digital portion (RTL and DTL) was still much larger. For the linear, op amp was king.  So they figured that if I designed a circuit that replaced one or two op amps, that would cut into their sales.

Sitemap Updating Frequency September 30, 2009

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I’ve been looking into the potential of recreating datasheetreference.com on either Joomla or WordPress.   I’ve installed both now.   I like Joomla, it’s got quite a learning curve but looks powerful and flexible.   WordPress is not so powerful but easy.  But here is what I want to talk about today.

WordPress updates can be reflected in Google in less than 1 minute!   I’ve experienced this and that’s why I use this blog to promote pages in Google.   In WordPress there is a nice little plug-in called the Google XML Sitemap Generator.   This little bit of PHP code automatically updates your XML sitemap whenever you make a change, then it reaches out to Google and tells it the sitemap was updated.  I’ve been working under the assumption that poking Google with sitemap resubmits is a bad thing.   Maybe the reverse is true.

This makes a lot of sense.  Google is looking for lively sites.  Not with little changes but with new content additions (like blogs).   With this in mind, I’m making content additions into pages of DatasheetReference.com that I want to promote the most (based on analytic of keyword activity) and updating my ‘last changed’ data in the sitemap.  Then I resubmit into Google (if you haven’t done this, it’s literally just a button you press on Google Webmaster)

Let’s see what happens.

Pimp my 2n3904 datasheet! September 15, 2009

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You know what I mean.   Prime the old google pump for the 2n3904 datasheet and circuit information page.  This particular part number is pretty hot on the Big G so it will take some doing to hold a competitive position.  I have faith.

Yesterday rankings and traffic to the site drove new highs.   All good stuff.  Will it last?  Will I?
Also, on the pimping strategy, there are no guarantees.  The BC547 spec I promoted have not been picked up in Google but they were discovered by Yahoo!  Maybe dormant Yahoo is starting to rumble.

Today is BC547 Datasheet Day September 14, 2009

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Today’s block focus is on the BC547 datasheet and BC547 schematic.   Both are important to understand and use the BC547 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. The BC547 is a general-purpose transistor in a small plastic packages.

If you just tuned in to this blog and wonder what NPN Epitaxial Transistors have to do with SEO I’ll fill you in.   In the world of electronics, diligent keyword research shows that its a very long tail environment.   This is good and bad.  The good is that for establishing an authoritative site, one can focus on the very small head that has a lot of traffic.  That’s where the BC547 comes in.  It’s a high traffic keyword so it’s worth taking the turtle’s path (vs the hare’s) and attaching  a lightening rod toit through mechanisms like this blog.

7101 Datasheet is red hot! September 11, 2009

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That’s right, the 7101 datasheet is my target today.   Not on a versatile little device but a well traffic term on the Big G.  So what is this little charm?   I just knew you were dying to find out!

First for the SEO geeks.   This is a tough little 4 digit number that serves all kinds of purposes for all kinds of industries.  So what?  Well, there’s good traffic and bad traffic.  If you want to drive high CPM and CPC, then you need good traffic.   My expectation is that the traffic collected by this keyword will be diluted with junk. We’ll see.

Now for the other geeks.  The HCPL-7100/7101 is a high speed CMOS optocoupler that combines the latest CMOS IC technology, a new high-speed high-efficiency AlGaAs LED, and an optimized light coupling system to achieve outstanding performance with very low power consumption. It requires only two bypass capacitors for complete CMOS/TTL compatibility.

Now don’t you feel that you learned something?

Google and Bing Both Like Me (Today) September 11, 2009

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What a difference a day makes.   Rankings blew through the roof on both search engines today.

On Bing, 21 of 79 keyword phrases are in Top10 slots.

In Google – up and to the right!

Google page rank on Day 32

Yahoo is still sleepy.

Got Banged by Bing! September 11, 2009

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Geez finally.   I revisited Bing Webmaster 4 days ago and saw that I still hadn’t been indexed.  Frustrating.  I’m not alone, many are moaning about it.  I told Bing about the sitemap one more time.

This morning I check the Bing Webmaster again and have 1 page indexed.  Whoopie!  Well, lame as that is that one page is enough to get higher than rank 20 position on 27 keyword phrases.     16 are in the top 10.   Good start but I’m not holding my breath.

I resubmitted the sitemap to Bing today.  We’ll see.

Yahoo! on the other hand is like moving concrete.   1 page indexed.  I resubmitted that one too.

2n3055 datasheet gets juiced! September 10, 2009

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That’s right, it’s time for 2n3055 datasheet page to get merchandized to the bots controlling our SEO future.

This is one of the new pages and targets several key phrases about the 2n3055.  Primarily the 2n3055 datasheet, 2n3055 data sheet, 2n3055 pinouts and 2n3055 circuit schematic.   Enough said about the games we are playing here.

Now you may actually care about the 2n3055.   And you should, it’s a very common power transistor, dating back to the ’60’s, that has found a home in most audio products.   Rip you ipod apart and see!  Just kidding.  Your clock radio would be a better bet.  Here is the description:

The 2N3055 is a silicon NPN power transistor intended for general purpose applications. It was introduced in the early 1960’s by RCA using their “hometaxial” power transistor process. It was one of the first silicon power transistors, offered unrivalled second breakdown immunity and found many applications particularly in audio power amplifiers and linear power supplies.

Ebb and Flow of Page Rank – Day 31 September 10, 2009

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As you may recall on Day 18 I stopped making any changes to the site.   For several days the page rank grew then stabilized.   Then after 7 days it began to slide.  After 8 days it slid pretty far.

5 Days ago I made changes all over the site, including adding several new pages and updating the site map.

Bang, most positions that slid popped right back.   I also started tracking new keywords for the new pages.   Almost immediately most of them ranked – though just for the home page.   Back to seeding these pages by hand to ‘teach’ G-bots where to best pages are located.

Here is a chart of the whole shebang.   You can see all the page changes at Datasheet Reference.com.


2n2222 datasheet super pages now online September 9, 2009

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Datasheet Reference has not launched a page dedicated to the venerable 2n2222 transistor.  The ‘quad two’ transistor, is a small, common NPN BJT transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications.  View the 2n2222 datasheet page here.