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LM3886 Datasheets are Hot (in rankings) August 21, 2009

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On day 12, LM3886 has popped up nicely scoring on Google page 1 for all major correlators.  The LM3886 Datasheet page is a veritable rocket of a term here.

I’ll try a few tricks to drive it up.   Would like to achieve top 5 rankings but there are several challenges to overcome.  There is a real issue of whether the position holds and doesn’t slide back.  With such a new site, Google is probably letting it get a bit of visibility to see if it’s any good.

First is competition, there is plenty of it.   At the moment, the position is only 1 back from grand-daddy site AllDatasheet.   Number one positioned is is the actual manufacturer which would be extraordinarily difficult to overcome.   In between there are several SEO sites, a few are quite new and I think I can knock them off.

Second is the age of this site.  We’re cheap and only registered it for one year.   Google doesn’t like that.  In addition, the domain is only 12 days old now.  Google doesn’t like that either.

So far, Bing and Yahoo are ignoring the site all together.   Maybe I need to add some pages on a hot topic to spice things up.



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