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Day 11. Alls Quiet in SEO August 20, 2009

Posted by datasheetreference in SEO Notes, Uncategorized.

Besides the predictable pickup in LM3886 no additional indexing is seen from the big search engines.  Traffic is beginning to come in now. Maybe it’s a good time to review some of the principals of the DatasheetReference SEO site:

  • Target popular but not too high competition keywords
  • Include core keyword in domain name
  • Direct navigation from home page to each SEO tuned page
  • Include ample content on each SEO page to satisfy visitors
  • Use wide/flat URL structure to reach each page
  • Optimize URL and file names to match keyword targets
  • Apply best practices in On-page optimization
  • Include broad cloud of correlative keywords on each landing page, including foreign language
  • Include XML sitemaps and load them in G, Y!, Bing and Ask
  • Promote each page day by day in social engines
  • Measure everything
  • Do it with 100% free tools and pay less than $20/month in hosting and services

Side benefits are that I have learned HTML, CSS and how to host a website.   A lot easier than I thought.



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