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Day 8 Observations August 17, 2009

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The site still has not been indexed except the LM317 datasheet page.   In fact, less keywords are showing the LM317 page as thier landing page than before (according to SEO RankChecker).  Maybe a bug, we’ll see.

Good news is that page position has advanced considerably.  Particularly Circuit Schematic correlators.  Some moved from position 150+ to position 7.  Nice!  We’ll see if it sticks.

The primary keywords have edged up slightly and competitive keywords suchs as LM317 Datasheet and NE555 Datasheet have jumped 20-30 position into the 50’s.  The 3075 datasheet was nailed right out of the gate and is in position 1, it’s plural version is position 3.   This particular keyword matches up to many different things on the internet so I’m not expecting a lot of time on page from these but we’ll see.

Here is the ranking now.

datasheetreference    1    datasheetreference.com/
datasheet reference    –
lm317 datasheet    52    datasheetreference.com/
lm317    157    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
lm317 circuit schematic    13    datasheetreference.com/
lm317 datasheets    53    datasheetreference.com/
ne555    197    datasheetreference.com/
ne555 datasheet    42    datasheetreference.com/
ne555 datasheets    37    datasheetreference.com/
ne555 circuit schematic    11    datasheetreference.com/
ne555 ic timer    –
all datasheet catalog    –
all datasheet    –
datasheet catalog    –
atmega128    –
atmega128 datasheet    38    datasheetreference.com/
atmega128 datasheets    29    datasheetreference.com/
atmega128 circuit schematic    7    datasheetreference.com/
atmega16    –
atmega16 datasheet    49    datasheetreference.com/
atmega16 datasheets    41    datasheetreference.com/
lm35    –
lm35 datasheet    39    datasheetreference.com/
lm35 datasheets    28    datasheetreference.com/
lm3886    –
lm3886 datasheet    42    datasheetreference.com/
lm3886 datasheets    29    datasheetreference.com/
3075    –
3075 datasheet    1    datasheetreference.com/
3075 datasheets    3    datasheetreference.com/



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