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Day 6 Results and Observations August 17, 2009

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The site has one new page indexed: LM317 Datasheet.   The LM317 voltage regulator is very popularly searched item.  This is the page that I promoted across this blog and the social network sites (includeing Digg).    My next test will be to figure out which of these sites is causing it.  I think it might be Digg will get:NE555

Social networking sites will get: Atmega128 datasheet.

Here is my page position from SEO Quest.

datasheetreference    1    www.datasheetreference.com/
datasheet reference    –
lm317 datasheet    83    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
lm317    158    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
lm317 circuit schematic    15    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
lm317 datasheets    72    www.datasheetreference.com/
ne555    –
ne555 datasheet    63    www.datasheetreference.com/
ne555 datasheets    54    www.datasheetreference.com/
ne555 circuit schematic    164    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
ne555 ic timer    –
all datasheet catalog    –
all datasheet    –
datasheet catalog    –
atmega128    –
atmega128 datasheet    61    www.datasheetreference.com/
atmega128 datasheets    49    www.datasheetreference.com/
atmega128 circuit schematic    167    datasheetreference.com/lm317-datasheet.html
atmega16    –
atmega16 datasheet    59    www.datasheetreference.com/
atmega16 datasheets    59    www.datasheetreference.com/
lm35    –
lm35 datasheet    56    www.datasheetreference.com/
lm35 datasheets    43    www.datasheetreference.com/
lm3886    –
lm3886 datasheet    50    www.datasheetreference.com/
lm3886 datasheets    42    www.datasheetreference.com/
3075    –
3075 datasheet    5    www.datasheetreference.com/
3075 datasheets    3    www.datasheetreference.com/



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