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To Learn HTML and CSS – or Not August 14, 2009

Posted by datasheetreference in SEO Notes, Uncategorized.

It didn’t take me long to realize that CSS is going to be an important factor in the design of the site.   I want a couple of columns and looked at some forums to figure out how to that.   On the KompoZer forums there is a tutorial on building pages with tables and how to create the same look with CSS.   I followed it step by step and it ‘almost’ worked.   Close enough to teach me a lesson – I need CSS.  The tutorials almost left me with a working page layout but the columns act screwy in length and I have no idea how to fix a footer onto the page.

Off I go Googling for free CSS templates.   In the process I found a super site by Matthew James Taylor.  Lifesaver! He wrote what he calls Liquid Columns and has many different layout you can copy.   I did, figured out the basics of how to alter them subtley and put them to use.   I like this guy a lot because he is also SEO astute and follows some of my theories on putting the “keyword rich” content near the top of the HTML page.   He designed his CSS so the parts that aren’t SEO rich can be listed down lower in the HTML but visually appear at the top of the page.   Nice job MJT!



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