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More Infrastructure in Place for the Big G August 13, 2009

Posted by datasheetreference in SEO Notes, Uncategorized.

Today I figured out how to hook up both Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.  Both free, both very useful.

If you have access to the code of your site, then the process is trivial.

In Webmaster, tell it you own a domain, then click verify.  Google gives you a snippit of code.   I pasted it on my home page as the instructions dictate.  Republished the page then clicked the button in Webmaster to confirm it.

Total time required 10 minutes.

Analytics was almost as easy.  Register your desire for an account and it too gives you a code snippit.  Paste it in every page you want to track and it’s done.

I have 5 pages on my site now so I had to do a bit more pasting.   My site design basically dictates 2 pages that change with content and the rest are pretty much static.   I’ll figure out how to templatize the content based pages.

Still no indexing from Google.  Though it’s only been 3 days since I put the first page up.   C’mon big G.  Do it!



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