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Picking My Development Tools August 12, 2009

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I used to be a programmer and I work with developers so my skills are antiquated but I know the basics of software development.  On the other hand, I don’t know a darn thing about HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript.   I work on a Mac.  Oh, and I am very anti-Microsoft so I wont use their tools or environments.  Last, I am cheap bastard so I wont pay for a damn thing – and I shouldn’t have to.

OK so here is what I need and picked.  My process wasn’t very exhaustive I figure I can change out tools.

Web Authoring Tool:  I really wanted to use WYSIWYG online tool but after looking at them, it appears that I can’t control the details I need for SEO.   So I went to environments that give me full control but also some WYSIWYG capabilities.   Looking around I found KompoZer.  It has a long history, lots of people using it and runs on a mac.  Winner.

FTP Uploader:  I’m not sure I really need this because KompoZer does the uploading for you.   But just in case I downloaded Fetch.  It’s free for 30 days and that should get me pretty far.  If I really need and FTP tool, I’ll go find a free one.  There is probably one on the mac too but I haven’t found it.

Source Code Editor:  This is also probably not needed because KompoZer gives a source editting capability.  Just in case I downloaded JEdit.

Host: This is the stickiest decision.  Not that I can’t move the site but it’s not an area I want to tread for a while.   I picked GoDaddy because it’s cheap and I have a lot of friends that use it.   How’s that for scientific?

I guess I’m ready to begin.



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